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Samples of our 2016 Sumer Shoot.

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Mike Pfeffer Photography


1.   We are going to try to have all of our models have there make up done before they get to the shoot. That way we can start promptly at 10:00 am. No more waiting until noon to have all of our models ready by 12:00. I think that this has been my fault in putting to much pressure on our MUA to have all the girls done by 10:00.

2.   We will be going back to having a set schedule. I will monitor the times throughout the entire shoot. All shoots will start at the top of the hour. We will have forty minute sessions. Twenty minutes to find your new model, set or location to shoot at. One models per two photographers. The photographers can either trade off for the forty minutes or each photographer can have the girl for twenty minutes to himself. The second photographer taking the remaining twenty minutes to himself. We are allowing the girls twenty minute to change, relax or find there new photographer to shoot with.

3.   I would like the phone numbers of all the photographers so that I can stay in contact with anyone that is not able to get ahold of any model or photographer or that can't be found or that is abusing the time limits.

 4.   I have 4 models signed up now. With a Fifth being shot for samples. We are trying to have six models. We are trying to have all nude models.

5.   We are considering a Second Day Shoot. Our first day will be the standard $300.00 for the day. If you choose to stay and shoot the second day there will be an additional free of $50.00 for a location fee. The models and photographers will work out the fee. The photographers will pay models on a timed schedule the price will be decided between the photographers and the models. We have 3 girls that are willing to shoot erotics shots. These shoots will be private and the photographer will have to sign a non publish release on a per model basis. I will post a schedule for the second day if we have enough interest in that shoot.

          PLEASE        PLEASE       PLEASE

Let me know if you have any suggestion for our upcoming shoot. I really want everyone to have a great shoot. I will do my best to make any changes possible. I want this to be the best group shoot around.

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Aaron's Aperture Art

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Some behind the scenes shots of the Spring Nude/Glamour shoot.


Model Mayhem # 3339096 

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I have 38 years of experience in commercial photography, starting in Chicago, Illinois.  After graduating from high school, I attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois.  After leaving school  I became an assistant photographer working with clients, such as Playboy, McDonald's, Keebler, and Sara Lee.  I assisted for photographers on location in Seattle, Washington, for Kimberly Clark, and San Francisco, California, for Huffy Bicycles. In 1984  I opened Steven Ricks Photography Studio in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. 
Some of my clients were Chicago Magazine, Sears, Quaker Oats, JC Penny, California Dreamers, WBBM Channel 2, K-Mart.  My experience ranges from fashion, food, product, hospitals, and industrial.  My vast array of skills and experience is an assurance to you that I am capable of handling my workshops with professionalism and high quality results.  
Also, as an artist, 
I have shown my surreal photography in many galleries including Chicago, Illinois  Soho, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Munster Indiana

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Our 2018 Nude/Glamour Booked Models


D.E.M  Photography

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WGE Studio

Samples from our 2017 Summer Nude/Glamour Shoot

From some of the great photographers that Attended.

Please check out their web sites as well.



Louis Davidson Photography

Some Changes For Our Summer Shoot.